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Why yes…i did have popcorn for dinner

I KNOW i know..not the healthiest of meals…but when you see a movie you cant expect to eat a 7 course meal…so unfortunately it wasnt the healthiest of meals, and i really didnt want anything afterwords because the movie ended at like 9:45 and popcorn is actually quite filling…and on a plus wasnt traditional “movie theater” popcorn..we actually brought it in with us, so i know  it wasnt drenched in butter. 

Julia & Julie 

well….I LOVED IT..i know everyone and their mother has seen it (well except me, and i went with my grandmother) and now i know was SOO adorable, and it really made me appreciate “real cooking” as in with real ingredients, no substitutes, and no fear of a little buttahhh..all though amy adams character did get a little annoying at times..but seriously the movie just flew by and there was never a dull moment.  

Woke up this morning to another grey day..but on the plus side it is no longer an inferno in my apartment (what happens when you have lack of air conditioning and 95 degree temps) 

I had my standard goto majah mix of cereal .


umm..that is 4 things of cereal

umm..that is 4 things of cereal

today’s mix was the same as yesterday..with the addition of cinnamon life 😀 …my thought is you can have some of your favorite maybe “not the most healthiest” cereals (okay..lets be real cinnamon life is not that bad..the sugar content is low and at least its not cookie crisps) and mix it in with the healthier sticks and twigs cereals (ie fiber one or kashi) 


and a banana just chillin bowl side

and a banana just chillin bowl side

and even better news….no pain this morning at all with my ankle!!! i was a little nervous that i was going to wake up this morning with it in pain but its pain free…i think i will probably take the same route i did yesterday and take it easy again…


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The running was a success (well not completely…but it went a lot better then i expected!) I started out kinda slower but then i got that feeling of “man i haven’t been running in forever..this feels great! and picked up the pace…for the most part my ankle was fine..a bit o pain in the ankle/calf region ( did this come from) The rain never parted ways while i ran, but i was prepared. I wore my wick shirt and a hat..but by the time i got back my pony tail was definitely a bit of a rats nest

All in all i did 5.09 mi and finished it in 45:16..not bad seeing as i havnt ran in a week and still have a bit of an injury

when i got back to my apartment i immediately grabbed an ice pack and put it on my ankle and proceeded to stretch for about 10 mins…and i followed that up with some ab work (just sit ups for today) 

Shortly after i got back from my run i made lunch…lately (not sure if its because its the season or what) I’ve been having a lot of yogurt “messes” for lunch…after a nice work out my body craves the creaminess and coolness of some yogurt (TJs European style yogurt BUY THIS NOW) and the sweetness of fresh fruit and the whole grain crunch of cereal..its a good balance of all things good (except vegis..dont think they would like the yogurt too much) and it really satisfies me 
100_1385In my mix was:

TJs Euro style NF yogurt
Kashi Go Lean
Cantaloupe, the rest of my nanner from, and some purple grapes(mmjuicy!)

I don’t know my exact measurements of like the yogurt or the perhaps i should start doing this..after all that was consumed i enjoyed a nice nectarine (.99 cents a lb!) …mmm so sweet!

while enjoying my lunch i read my latest library choice:
100_1391so far its pretty good…the author though is a little “woes me” ..

well I’m off to go get ready to go play with the flowers (i work as a job EVERRR)…and then after that I’m going to see Julie & Julia!

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Rain Rain Go Away went from summer to fall all over night…now its cold and rainy…BOOO

I woke up this morning at my usual time (730am… this normal, i mean i am in COLLEGE).  I guess ive just never been one to sleep in…my friends would all tease me at sleepovers because i would always wake up at the crack of dawn and just lay there..and once i started to get bored i would like cough or make some other noises and “accidently” wake them up.

I was still a little full from last nights food feast, but i knew i had to eat some breakfast especially because i need the fuel before a work i had my usual cereal smorgishboard…

First i started out with a bit of fiber one



then a bit of some Kashi Go Lean
100_1381Then top it off with some honey bunches of oats, blueberries, and skim milk…along with a nanner on the side (I only ate half of it and plan on saving the other half pre run since i usually have breakfast like 2 hrs before i run)
100_1382In more exciting newssssssssssss….my ankle feels good enough to go for a run!!!!! YESSSS…as hard as it was, im really glad i did take the past week off…and I DONT even care that its raining outside…psssh rain..nbd…Ill probably take it easy though, only do a few miles and keep it at an easy pace

Keeping my fingers crossed that its all better!

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Carb Baby

I literally feel like i am 8 months preggo with a lovely carb baby….that is the result of going to Buccas i suppose though..more on that feast later

My Pops is so dang cute…today he went and got me somethings i needed for my apartment like an extension cord for my microwave that i have been in desperate need of (picture this: i was lifting my ‘wave off of the top of my fridge and placing it on my barely large enough counter space, nuked what ever i was nuking, and then i would unplug it and put it BACK on top of the fridge..straight up hood) AND a swiffer..everytime i see it i just want to scream “BABY COME BACK!” 

then he took me grocery shopping to get the “essentials” ie some tuna, annes mac n cheese (peace sign shape!) and other things i feel i can make meals for 1 out of..and ANOTHER box of bringing my total up to 4 boxes…i think i need professional help

After that i met up with some more of my family for my cousins 18th birthday dinner at Bucca Di Beppos downtown….holy was all so good…i like the amature blogger that i am FORGOT my camera..but believe me..plenty of good eats were consumedShrimp Fra Diavolo

the high light of the night was the “Shrimp Fra Diavolo” which was basically penne pasta in a spicy tomato sauce..uh SO good..we also all split an order of ravioli (eh soso), a large salad, and some calamari (usually i dont really like the stuff..but i swear those eye-talians know what they doin) 

after dinner the waitresses all came out to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cuz and brought out this HUGE cake…it was the color of the italian cute..and it had the best coconut…okay JUST talking about all of this is making me full all over again

blahh..Off to digest x100 and down 2346 gallons of water!

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I think i sweat more than Whitney Houston…

Its the truth…and im not afraid to admit it..okay it is kind of embarassing, but i guess it means that im getting a good workout sesh in..

After lounging around my apartment for a while waiting for the 11:00 hour to roll around (time the gym open) i changed and headed over. I was ITCHING to go for a run..its gorgeous here..but i know i should probably wait a few more days just incase.

The university has a Really nice gym, part of the reason i enjoy going there..lots of machines, and if you go at the right time, usually not too crowded. My workout today consisted of 
40 Mins on this one machine (like a combo of stairmaster/elliptical..anyone know the name?!) level 11
10 mins on the spin bike varying resistance
20 mins of various stretches/core work 

it probably didnt help that i was reading my issue of Runners World mag while working out..i was ready to jump off the machine and bust out some intervals..which probably wouldnt have been the best idea.

After my sweaty good workout..i ran some errands to get some more of the makeup i wear (damn you bad skin..i would have so much money if i didnt have to spend it on coverups!)…by the time i got back to my apartment i was i whipped up a quick lunch that i know will always be good…CANTALOUPE bowl!! basically i carve out the center of a catanloupe and fill it up with some tjs european yogurt/blueberries, and a bit of fiber good..i literally get to eat EVERYTHING haha.fabulous


mm what a delicious mess

mm what a delicious mess

along with that i had a necterine (love these) 

notice dirty worn out running watch

notice dirty worn out running watch

 about an hour later i was still not feeling satisfied yet so i decided to try one of my kashi dark chocolate cherry granola bars..pretty tasty! i really have yet to be disapointed by kashi products honestly. 

100_1390You may wonder how a “poor college student” can afford all these fancy smancy products such as kashi…its simple..i buy on sale..( these bars were on sale for $2.00 a box (6 bars/box) and last week at target i got a few boxes of kashi go lean on sale for 2.50…its all about the bargins all about saving that paper…buy in season and use coupons..its not just for stay at home mommies any more 😉 

well off to clean my apartment because family is coming over later…yikes! then were off to Buccas (chain family style italian restaurant)..mmm caaaaaarbs!

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Lets give this another shot

For some reason i have no problem remembering to read my favorite blogs all day long..but yet when it comes to writing my own..MAJAH issues arise..comeon kait get it together!

These last few weeks of my life have been a tad… say the least…lots of life changing things such as moving out on my own for the first about weird..sometimes i enjoy the alone time…other times im about to run up the walls…as much as i hate to admit it..IM READY TO START SCHOOL ALREADY…gahhh…1 week of summer left (hooray/Booo?) 

Also…my running has been sidelined by an ankle injury…bummer, major bummer.  I was finally getting up into the high numbers and was ready to hit the 10 mile mark and then BAM…shot down..there were like 3 days where i did no form of exercise and i felt like i was going to go BONKERS…but all in all the rest has paid off…every day it has been feeling a bit better and im hoping by this weekend i can go for a run! But in the meantime..ive been utilizing the fact that the campus gym is now open to all students so ive been going there the past couple of days…usually i HATEEEE the gym..i get bored way to easily..but since i havnt gone there in FOR-EV-ER (sandlot anyone?) it was actually quite refreshing to mix it up and do something different besides poundin that pavement…plus its always amusing to stare at the meatheads and their bulging muscles..i dont think they ever leave that place.

I need to get back on the healthy eating boat again..ive seemed to take a little too much of a leisurly spin around the lazy river this summer (i.e. one too many icecream/froyo runs, and eating out way too much)..kind have felt the summer around my waist line..yikes! I think it will be better once i get back into the school thang

Im really going to try hard to start documenting my eats everyday and actually updating..i really think it will help me, being an outlet of healthy eating and letting of some steam….

SOOO..breakfast..yum FAVORITE meal of the day..i get “hangry” if i dont get my breakfast..unfortunatly i already have FAIL #1 of my blog picture…honestly i really had no intention of writing in the blog until i was reading some of my favs and was re-inspired.  

So i will provide you with some makeshift photos ala google.
I had a nice mix of 3 cereals (hey, i like variety OKAY) of fiber one, kashi go lean, and honey bunches of oats (1 of these things is not like the other…) whateves its GOOD

mmm kashi

mmm kashi

 along with my daily banana (love me my potassium!)..and then some blueberries and skim milk (in my cereal mess..duh) and my daily cupa joe

Well im off to go move my car (pesky parking cops), head to the gym for a major sweat sesh, and then do some cleaning (ahh the perks of being an adult). AND i will take a picture of my lunch..fingers crossed

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Hollaaa Bloggies!

Just a quick intro seeing as im new to this blog filled world!  I decided that I really wanted to start a blog of my own, seeing as i have been a dedicated reader to many a blogs for about a year now…and i figured that now would be the perfect time to do it…i finally left the nest and am about to spread my wings and fly on my own into my own apartment down on the trendy east side of Mil Town. Im hoping this blog will help me keep up with my healthy habits that i have developed through the past years

My name is Kaity and im a college student living in wonderful Milwaukee Wisconsin..i love it here, ive been here all my life and still have fun discovering fun things to do every single day. 

Im also a very dedicated runner…ive been running almost everyday for the past 6 addicted! Ive done a few 5ks (PR 24:38) and really hope to increase race milage…and run a marathon sometime this coming spring (im thinking ING Georgia…)

aiight..thats about all i can think of doing right now seeing as i literally JUST moved down to my apartment in about 95 degree ready..aaaaaand im about ready to KICK it…mmm my bed has never looked SO GOOD

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