I think i sweat more than Whitney Houston…

August 26, 2009 at 8:05 pm Leave a comment

Its the truth…and im not afraid to admit it..okay it is kind of embarassing, but i guess it means that im getting a good workout sesh in..

After lounging around my apartment for a while waiting for the 11:00 hour to roll around (time the gym open) i changed and headed over. I was ITCHING to go for a run..its gorgeous here..but i know i should probably wait a few more days just incase.

The university has a Really nice gym, part of the reason i enjoy going there..lots of machines, and if you go at the right time, usually not too crowded. My workout today consisted of 
40 Mins on this one machine (like a combo of stairmaster/elliptical..anyone know the name?!) level 11
10 mins on the spin bike varying resistance
20 mins of various stretches/core work 

it probably didnt help that i was reading my issue of Runners World mag while working out..i was ready to jump off the machine and bust out some intervals..which probably wouldnt have been the best idea.

After my sweaty good workout..i ran some errands to get some more of the makeup i wear (damn you bad skin..i would have so much money if i didnt have to spend it on coverups!)…by the time i got back to my apartment i was STAAAAAAARVING..so i whipped up a quick lunch that i know will always be good…CANTALOUPE bowl!! basically i carve out the center of a catanloupe and fill it up with some tjs european yogurt/blueberries, and a bit of fiber one..so good..i literally get to eat EVERYTHING haha.fabulous


mm what a delicious mess

mm what a delicious mess

along with that i had a necterine (love these) 

notice dirty worn out running watch

notice dirty worn out running watch

 about an hour later i was still not feeling satisfied yet so i decided to try one of my kashi dark chocolate cherry granola bars..pretty tasty! i really have yet to be disapointed by kashi products honestly. 

100_1390You may wonder how a “poor college student” can afford all these fancy smancy products such as kashi…its simple..i buy on sale..(well..um..duh) these bars were on sale for $2.00 a box (6 bars/box) and last week at target i got a few boxes of kashi go lean on sale for 2.50…its all about the bargins people..im all about saving that paper…buy in season and use coupons..its not just for stay at home mommies any more 😉 

well off to clean my apartment because family is coming over later…yikes! then were off to Buccas (chain family style italian restaurant)..mmm caaaaaarbs!


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Lets give this another shot Carb Baby

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