Lets give this another shot

August 26, 2009 at 2:53 pm 1 comment

For some reason i have no problem remembering to read my favorite blogs all day long..but yet when it comes to writing my own..MAJAH issues arise..comeon kait get it together!

These last few weeks of my life have been a tad…hectic..to say the least…lots of life changing things such as moving out on my own for the first time..talk about weird..sometimes i enjoy the alone time…other times im about to run up the walls…as much as i hate to admit it..IM READY TO START SCHOOL ALREADY…gahhh…1 week of summer left (hooray/Booo?) 

Also…my running has been sidelined by an ankle injury…bummer, major bummer.  I was finally getting up into the high numbers and was ready to hit the 10 mile mark and then BAM…shot down..there were like 3 days where i did no form of exercise and i felt like i was going to go BONKERS…but all in all the rest has paid off…every day it has been feeling a bit better and im hoping by this weekend i can go for a run! But in the meantime..ive been utilizing the fact that the campus gym is now open to all students so ive been going there the past couple of days…usually i HATEEEE the gym..i get bored way to easily..but since i havnt gone there in FOR-EV-ER (sandlot anyone?) it was actually quite refreshing to mix it up and do something different besides poundin that pavement…plus its always amusing to stare at the meatheads and their bulging muscles..i dont think they ever leave that place.

I need to get back on the healthy eating boat again..ive seemed to take a little too much of a leisurly spin around the lazy river this summer (i.e. one too many icecream/froyo runs, and eating out way too much)..kind have felt the summer around my waist line..yikes! I think it will be better once i get back into the school thang

Im really going to try hard to start documenting my eats everyday and actually updating..i really think it will help me, being an outlet of healthy eating and letting of some steam….

SOOO..breakfast..yum FAVORITE meal of the day..i get “hangry” if i dont get my breakfast..unfortunatly i already have FAIL #1 of my blog career..no picture…honestly i really had no intention of writing in the blog until i was reading some of my favs and was re-inspired.  

So i will provide you with some makeshift photos ala google.
I had a nice mix of 3 cereals (hey, i like variety OKAY) of fiber one, kashi go lean, and honey bunches of oats (1 of these things is not like the other…) whateves its GOOD

mmm kashi

mmm kashi

 along with my daily banana (love me my potassium!)..and then some blueberries and skim milk (in my cereal mess..duh) and my daily cupa joe

Well im off to go move my car (pesky parking cops), head to the gym for a major sweat sesh, and then do some cleaning (ahh the perks of being an adult). AND i will take a picture of my lunch..fingers crossed


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Holy…Hot I think i sweat more than Whitney Houston…

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  • 1. shan09  |  August 26, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    lol your blog inspires me to go take a run! 🙂 check out my blog! shan09.wordpress.com


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