Why yes…i did have popcorn for dinner

August 28, 2009 at 9:45 am Leave a comment

I KNOW i know..not the healthiest of meals…but when you see a movie you cant expect to eat a 7 course meal…so unfortunately it wasnt the healthiest of meals, and i really didnt want anything afterwords because the movie ended at like 9:45 and popcorn is actually quite filling…and on a plus side..it wasnt traditional “movie theater” popcorn..we actually brought it in with us, so i know  it wasnt drenched in butter. 

Julia & Julie 

well….I LOVED IT..i know everyone and their mother has seen it (well except me, and i went with my grandmother) and now i know why..it was SOO adorable, and it really made me appreciate “real cooking” as in with real ingredients, no substitutes, and no fear of a little buttahhh..all though amy adams character did get a little annoying at times..but seriously the movie just flew by and there was never a dull moment.  

Woke up this morning to another grey day..but on the plus side it is no longer an inferno in my apartment (what happens when you have lack of air conditioning and 95 degree temps) 

I had my standard goto majah mix of cereal .


umm..that is 4 things of cereal

umm..that is 4 things of cereal

today’s mix was the same as yesterday..with the addition of cinnamon life 😀 …my thought is you can have some of your favorite maybe “not the most healthiest” cereals (okay..lets be real cinnamon life is not that bad..the sugar content is low and at least its not cookie crisps) and mix it in with the healthier sticks and twigs cereals (ie fiber one or kashi) 


and a banana just chillin bowl side

and a banana just chillin bowl side

and even better news….no pain this morning at all with my ankle!!! i was a little nervous that i was going to wake up this morning with it in pain but its pain free…i think i will probably take the same route i did yesterday and take it easy again…


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